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About our training services

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At our Irish site, in a new wave training centre a dedicated group of highly experienced professionals help you making the right decisions for your dog’s training.

Canine Family Protection provides a wide spectrum of services, not only basic obidience training or guard dog training but even IPO trainings. Dogs serve people in a variety of ways around the world and each job requires different skill sets and thus different type of trainings. If your dog needs to aquire skills for being a security or police dog, we are the right ones to choose.

CFP trains all dogs from a young age to please higher standards. However these trainings only give the foundation for every dog, since the customer can request additional training to adjust the dog’s skill set to their specific requirements.

Additionally we organise dog school training regularly for both the owners and their dogs including classes for all levels and ages. This training type suits well for dogs having particular behaviour problems, so that we can help their owner to overcome these difficulties.

Residential Dog Trainings

Residential training is a great opportunity to socialize your dog of any breed and age including puppies. During the residental care, you can request several training types for your dog: basic or advanced obidience training and personal and home protection.

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Obedience (3 weeks)

A 3 weeks residential private training

Advanced obedience and protection (5 weeks)

A 5 weeks residential private training, which is a more intensive course for your dog.

Dog School (Training Classes)

  • Obedience classes for puppies

  • Obedience classes for all breeds

  • Protection dog classes

Training classes Every Saturday.

Please book in advance to avoid disappointment.

All classes are in Roscrea, Co.Tipperary Ireland.

We can also provide training classes on a week day, tailored to suit your needs.