Why Canine Family Protection

The dogs we put up for sale, offer the maximal protection for each and every family member. During our training we put emphasis on manoevuralibity and controllability, thus any family member is able to control their newcomer dog.


With special protection training our dogs are taught to be confident in any threatening situation in order to protect their family. On the other hand they are trained to be the perfect companion. These dog are able to become a proper family member with whom you feel glad to spend your free time, even when you need no protection. A dog traditionally raised in a kennel outside the house will never be able to provide that kind of comfort. Our dogs provide impeccable protection service, you won’t find just anywhere.

An unbeatable combination of:


led by our Senior Trainer who has 25 years of professional experience



supported by Simon’s own exceptional training system

/What do we offer?/
An unbeatable combination of skilled training personnel led by our Senior Trainer who has 25 years of professional experience. The training program is supported by Simon’s own exceptional training system making it possible for our dogs to provide first class services.

Source of supply – import

We are committed to purchase our dogs from owing European kennels where dogs are raised with much care and attention.
After carefully choosing the right dogs, the coaching starts in Hungary with socialization and basic trainings, while simultaneously all the essential veterinary screening tests are conducted.
In case all the veterinary and basic training requirements are fulfilled, the dogs are shipped to the training centre in Ireland. Right upon arrival, the special socialization, obedience, protection and family trainings start.

We are devoted to satisfy all your needs!

/Personalised trainings offered for specific needs with prior consultation/

Our dogs are categorized into three groups

Family protection dog

Elit family protection dog

V. I. P family protection dog

The benefits don’t stop there, either. In case you cannot find the perfect dog matching your wishes we are glad to offer our personalized trainings.

„Practice makes perfect”

 As long as you feel the need to refresh your dog’s trainings, we are happy to organize trainings for your dog or for your whole family at our Irish site.

Guarantee for choosing the best


The careful selection process and the teamwork based professional training system make us able to provide guarantee for our dogs.
Documentation delivered with the dogs includes the certificate of origin (pedigree), the European pet passport attested by an authorised veterinarian by means of identification stickers, other certificates of veterinary screening tests and necessary information regarding the health status of the animal in question (X-Ray of joints and bone structure).