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V.I.P. Protection Dogs


Trained protection dog for sale


Logan is one of the best trained dogs from our kennel. He is a 20 months old, big sized, black and tan male German Shepherd. Logan was imported from Hungary bred from a top blood line. He has great guardian instincts. Logan would be suitable for someone who needs a dog for sports or security purposes. However he gets on really well with people of ages and it is extremely easy to control him, even for kids. He finished our VIP Protection Dog course.
Hips and elbow X-rays are provided.



Security dog for sale


Imo is an 18 months old, dark sable, long haired German Shepherd from Slovakia. He has a charming personality and will wow even non dog people with his cuddly, playful character. Imo is an ideal choice for families with small kids, due to his calm and patient nature. He will become a great family pet and the ultimate protector rolled into one. He has finished our VIP Protection Dog course, proving his excellent instincts for protection.
He has full X-ray to prove he has no joint problems.



Trained guard dog for sale


He is a 16 months old German Shepherd male coming from one of the top families of the Czech Republic with elite pedigree. He leaves a lasting impression with everyone he meets because of his compelling appearance. He is extremely well mannered, easy to control and to live with. Brass is social and good with children, he would make and excellent family protection dog. He accomplished the full VIP Protection Dog course.
Hips and elbow X-rays are available. He is microchipped and tattooed.



Shiva (Fidzina Tiranavia)

Shiva is a 2 years old, Slovakian import, German Shepherd female. She has exceptional protection ability for a female and is a rare find thanks to her excellent pedigree. Her parents came from Europe’s outstanding work and sport culture. Her father is Extreme Orex Aykmar (2015 WUSV-WM 2nd place) and her mother: Dixi Z Medvedej Doliny. Shíva has been trained for sport and work purposes but she would also be a perfect family guard, because of her high instincts.
Her hips and elbows are checked by X-ray.



Elite Protection Dogs


Home security dogs for sale

MJ (Zan vom liparija)

German Shephard – Elite family protection dog
MJ is a one-year-old, dark sable colored, big statured male German Shephard from Serbia. MJ is great with people, loves children’s company and has no problem with other dogs. Versatileness of MJ makes him a perfect company for doing sports or just playing around. He is easily controlled by any of the family members including the kids. As sweet and playful as he may be, MJ has outstanding protective instincts, thus you can rely on him in any threatening or unexpected situation.
As a matter of course, the documents of his Serbian export and pedigree are provided. Also the X-rays prove that his health status is adequately checked, and he is healthy.


Family Protection Dogs


Protection dog for sale


Belgian Malinois – Family protection dog
Nala is a young Slovakian female import who is extremely social and loves to play. She will easily adapt herself into a loving family due to her great socialization skills. She would be great for someone who likes to run or hike as Nala has the need for regular exercise, so she can be a good addition to an active family. Thanks to her instincts, she responds exceptionally fast and acts confident in unpredicted situations in order to defend her family. Nala is comfortable either outside or inside the house. Wherever she is, she gets protective over the property of the family. Nala has a cheerful personality so we are sure she will bring smile to your face every day.